Liberating Language of Emotions Online 

Our emotions are our barometers of being, they are the weather vanes of our lives. In order to shift or redirect our emotions we need to be able to identify them in the first place.

The series will explore the lexicon of our basic core emotions and help us to express them through arts based creative exercises such as writing, music, and art. This program will be facilitated by Susan Ksiezopolski, a graduate of the Humber School For Writers, and HeartMath certified Building Personal Resilience Coach ®

Workshop Outcomes

Provide tools to help participants:

Become more emotionally literate by expanding your emotional vocabulary
Identify the link between emotions and wellbeing
Move from automatically reacting to mindfully responding to emotions
To digest and metabolize emotions in order that they don’t consume us.

Workshop Learning Objectives

Role that emotions play in our mental and physical wellbeing
Develop a wider range of words to communicate and label our emotions
Explore the power that emotions have to deplete or energize use
Explore artistic ways to express our emotions OR explore how to express our emotions through the art.


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