Creative Resilience

This 4-week Creative Resilience workshop series will help participants discover and explore their internal capacity for resilience, through the power of the arts. This program will be facilitated by Susan Ksiezopolski. Susan is a HeartMath certified Building Personal Resilience Coach, and believes that “When we become more resilient it enables us to thrive, moving more confidently into dealing with life vs. being overwhelmed and drained by it. We tap into our capacity to bounce back when we open up and embrace our curiosity and our creativity.”

“The Creative Resilience, An Artful Way to Bounce” Program integrates multiple art forms such as visual arts, music, movement and photography while exploring the core components required to thrive during challenging times.

Workshop Outcomes

Provide tools to help participants:

gauge their current resilience level
Forum to connect, discuss with others
creativity self-express themselves
Workshop Learning Objectives

Tap into the internal capacity for resilience explored through arts based activities, incorporating expressive writing, visual arts, music, dance and photography
Explores the components of resilience
Discuss the components for rebalancing, recalibrating and rebounding
Spark conversations and appreciation for multiple art forms as they relate to our wellbeing and mental health
Location: In person at Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre (Provincial guidelines will be adhered so a need for a transition to online may be needed)

Dates/Time: Tuesdays, March 22nd – April 12th, 2022 6:00pm – 8:30pm (ADD REGISTRATION LINK TO REGISTRATION PAGE – IT WILL BE SET UP IN FEB)

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