Feel It!

While engaging in the thought-provoking artwork, listening to the enchanting flute music, and the eloquence of the poetry recital the audience will be encouraged to interact by sharing their own words describing their emotional reactions. The Feel It! Experience Performance will facilitate exchanges of ideas to enable much needed community conversations about emotions and howContinue reading “Feel It!”

Liberating Language of Emotions Online 

Our emotions are our barometers of being, they are the weather vanes of our lives. In order to shift or redirect our emotions we need to be able to identify them in the first place. The series will explore the lexicon of our basic core emotions and help us to express them through arts basedContinue reading “Liberating Language of Emotions Online “

Creative Resilience

This 4-week Creative Resilience workshop series will help participants discover and explore their internal capacity for resilience, through the power of the arts. This program will be facilitated by Susan Ksiezopolski. Susan is a HeartMath certified Building Personal Resilience Coach, and believes that “When we become more resilient it enables us to thrive, moving moreContinue reading “Creative Resilience”